A Tarumba [Portugal]

“Mironescópio: A Máquina do Amor”

23 and 24 May at 9.30pm and 11pm (Friday and Saturday)

Artistic direction and construction: Luís Vieira, Rute Ribeiro Puppeteers: Carlos Alberto Oliveira, Catarina Côdea, Luís Hipólito, Luís Vieira, Raquel Monteiro, Rute Ribeiro Adaptation and script: Rute Ribeiro Lighting design: Zé Rui Sound design: Catarina Côdea Supports and partnerships: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, EGEAC, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian Photos: LV, Alípio Padilha Company sponsored by: Governo de Portugal - Secretário de Estado da Cultura - DGArtes Technique: Objects, shadows and paper figures For audiences over: +16 Running time: Approx. 70 min. Language: Portuguese, English or French Limited audience


A show of small forms inspired by the old Peep Shows and the first motion pictures experiences made in the 19th century with the use of devices like the kinetoscope and the mutocospe.
The great erotic experts, Dr. Erotikone, Madame Gigi and Madame Mimi, among other hosts, will present you their valuable Mironescópios. There are no barriers, love is free! Come on in and discover what really happened in Paradise... and many other surprises never seen before.
Several Mironescópios will be waiting for you, inside each one there are visual effects, moving images and shadows that will create emotions never felt before.
An intimate show, pedagogical, relaxing and erotic... Optical boxes and multiple variations. Inside opaque, coloured, translucent, singular images...
Come and take a peek to the keyhole!
Bring your partner and your friends to this yé-yé soirée!

"In Art immorality cannot exist. Art is always sacred". - August Rodin

"(...) Excellent was the show of the Portuguese company A Tarumba, Mironescópio: The Love Machine, inspired by the old Peep Shows and the first motion pictures experiences made in the 19th Charleville-Mézières, where it was impossible to get tickets, did not miss the truth. Accompanied by the "erotic art expert", Dr. Erotikone, were Madame’s Mimi, Gigi, among others (6 performers) and the public in an intimate ambiance (...) with humour and quality 'training' on this topic and stories in kinetoscopian boxes (...). "
- Doubrava Stanislav, Loutkár

“Rute Ribeiro and Luís Vieira are the impish souls behind A Tarumba, inescapable company from the puppetry life in Portugal. Mironescópio is an entertainment conceived around Peep Shows, small size boxes where you take a peek. In its origin, the Peep Show did not have the erotic connotation it has today... and it ́s from here that Rute Ribeiro, Luís Vieira and their team receive their audience... so that they can peek inside tiny little rooms where there are holograms, Caldas dolls, sports, trips through Tibet and Japan, stories about the invention of the clitoris and vibrator, or even delicate suggestions about the sensuality of the carps. Small forms, short narratives, Mironescópio is a set of fleeting glances into antechambers of pleasure.”
-João Carneiro in newspaper Expresso - Caderno Actual

“(…) A highly accomplished attempt to approach the puppet theatre in an intimate relationship, personal and almost carnal with the viewer (…). To develop its idea, Tarumba invented some devices, shaped dark boxes, with a hole, through which we can peep, and hide inside each one of the worlds, characters and different stories, but all around the theme of eroticism. They are the  century. The reputation of “Mironescópios”, each one served and manipulated by a Madame or Monsieur, and to each one, only one viewer can lurk each time (…). The scheme is perfect: closed worlds inside the magic boxes that some hosts, magicians and madams at same time, offer us to enter into them through the intimate and personal look, always indiscreet, with absolute freedom to imagine and understand what we want. Excellent diversity of themes, the fulfillment of each scenography is full of colour and sensuality, as well the short stories invented (…)that never rubs the rudeness, but maintain a subtle balance between the finest correction of “How it’s said” and the naked reality of “What they say”
(…). One hour of erotic immersion in successive elegant and playful worlds that takes us far away from the urban banality of everyday life (…).”
- Toni Rumbau, Titeresante

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A Tarumba - Teatro de Marionetas is a Portuguese professional theatre company, created in 1993. Its purpose is to spread and promote puppet and visual theatre. Tarumba means to be confused or perplexed, astounded, fascinated, stunned, astonished… and expresses how the company generally envisions puppetry art.
The artistic project comprises: creation and artistic experimentation; the International Festival of Puppetry and Animated Forms - FIMFA Lx organization; training and research with the creation of a Puppetry Arts Centre | Centro de Artes da Marioneta– CAMa.
Since 2001, A Tarumba organizes annually the International Festival of Puppetry and Animated Forms - Festival Internacional de Marionetas e Formas Animadas - FIMFA Lx, that has been known by the quality of its programme and multiplicity of proposals, where the puppets have a special role (shows, workshops, conferences, artistic residences, exhibitions). The company received the Critics Award 2010 given to FIMFA, by its ten years of sustained and perseverant work bringing to Portugal the most interesting and important that exists in Puppet Theatre, Objects and Animated Forms.
The artistic directors of the company, Luís Vieira and Rute Ribeiro, recently received the Personality Award 2013, inserted in the National Multimedia Prize, awarded by the APMP – Multimedia Association "for their contribution and innovative and creative work on the programme / organization of the Festival of Puppetry and Animated Forms - Festival Internacional de Marionetas e Formas Animadas - FIMFA Lx. "
The company has been performing all over Portugal and abroad, in many international festivals, especially for an adult audience, with shows by Christopher Marlowe, Federico Garcia Lorca or Bertolt Brecht, among others. Besides the shows A Tarumba develops experimental workshops around the puppetry arts, specifically for professionals, teachers or children, like, for instance, Toy Theatre or shadow workshops. The company also organizes exhibitions from its collection, including toy theatres, for instance, some of which are currently at the National Theatre Dona Maria II in Lisbon.
During these 21 years of activity, beyond all the acquired experience, Tarumba created an important artistic collection, consisting of puppets made by the company, for each play, old and ‘historical’ puppets, Toy theatres (originals from 19th especially about puppet theatre, photographs, programs and posters that are present in the Puppetry Arts Centre | Centro de Artes da Marioneta– CAMa, created by the company in 2007. Currently the company also develops the Project Funicular - a training program of international workshops designed for professionals selected on the basis of their curriculum and experience. The inscription is international and due to the selection of the trainers and trainees, combines puppetry with other art forms. The workshops have been held since 2010 and directed by artists like Stephen Mottram, Agnès Limbos, Nicole Mossoux, Jim Kroupa, Fabrizio Montecchi, among others.

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