Miguel Fragata e Inês Barahona [Portugal]

“A Caminhada dos Elefantes”

24 May at 5pm (Saturday) | 25 May at 4pm (Sunday)

Concept, dramaturgy and direction: Miguel Fragata, Inês Barahona Performer: Miguel Fragata Scenography and costumes: Maria João Castelo Music: Fernando Mota Lighting: José Álvaro Correia Production: Meninos Exemplares Technician and light operation: Pedro Machado Dramaturgical advisor - Child Psychology: Madalena Paiva Gomes Pedagogical advisor - Pedagogy: Elvira Leite Artistic consultant: Giacomo Scalisi, Catarina Requeijo, Isabel Minhós Martins Photos: Susana Paiva Video: Maria Remédio Supported by: Governo de Portugal - Secretário de Estado da Cultura - DGArtes Co-production: Artemrede, Centro Cultural de Vila Flor, Maria Matos Teatro Municipal, Teatro Viriato Technique: Objects For audiences over: +7 Running time: 50 min. Language: Portuguese


 The Elephants’ Walk reflects upon existence, life and death, its based on an unique story  – that of a man who dedicated his life to saving elephants. When he dies, the animals inexplicably come to his house to pay him one last tribute: he was not just any man, he was one of them.

"We wanted to create a show about death for children and families. Not because we have a morbid obsession with this theme, but because we felt it was a subject on which no one wanted to talk, much less children (...). After all, as children told us many times, death is part of life, even if we don't talk about it."
- Miguel Fragata and Inês Barahona

elefantes02 elefantes03


Miguel Fragata was born in Oporto in 1983. He graduated in Drama at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, in 2007. He created and performed in several shows of the project "Teatro das Compras", directed by Giacomo Scalisi. He was director assistant of Bruno Bravo, Diogo Dória, Claudio Hochmann and Madalena Victorino. Works regularly as an actor in the company Mala Voadora. He also developed regular work as a performer and co-creator in theatre and dance shows by Madalena Victorino. He co-created and performed in several shows for children such as "Sous la Table" by Agnès Desfosses by Compagnie Acta (Paris), among others. Miguel regularly develops projects on arts and education.

Inês Barahona was born in Lisbon in 1977. She graduated in Philosophy and Masters in Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art at Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Lisboa. Under the direction of Madalena Victorino, she joined the Centro de Pedagogia e Animação - Centro Cultural de Belém, where, from 2005 to 2008, developed projects on arts and education. She joined the Giacomo Scalisi’s team in production and relationship with the community, for the opening of the Teatro Municipal de Portimão (TEMPO), 2008 . She has been working in several creative fields, including writing and playwriting with Madalena Victorino, Giacomo Scalisi, Teatro Regional da Serra de Montemuro, among others. She has also been directing workshops on creative writing.

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