Luís Hipólito [Portugal]

“Rio, rio, rio...”

7 May at 10.30pm and 11.30 pm (Wednesday)
8 May at 7pm, 10.30pm and 11.30pm (Thursday)

Idea, concept and performer: Luís Hipólito Sound design: Catarina Côdea Acknowledgements: Ana Rodrigues, Joana Luz, Rita Antunes, Leonor Hipólito, Kabé Co-production: FIMFA Lx Technique: Object theatre For audiences over: +12 Running time: 25 min. Language: English Limited audience

Luís Hipólito

Laugh, laugh, laugh…
“… I’m laughing to keep from crying
And for those who do not know I’m Rio* singing”

With the music: "Goodbye Batucada" Carmen Miranda says farewell. The diva that will live forever - in the movies, music and many other printed influences in different arts and artists - leaves orphans all objects that animated her lush turbans. Without the frenzy of her talking hands, her contagious smile and exotic hip movements, all the fruits, feathers, flowers, ribbons and colored beads had to move on. What to do when the spotlight is off?

(*) - “I’m Rio singing” in Portuguese (sou Rio a cantar) as a double meaning. It means that the city of Rio de Janeiro is singing and, at the same time, that I’m smiling while singing.

Rio_Luís Hipólito3©Alípio Padilha


Luís Hipólito, journalist and actor in progress (born on the 11th of July). In 1995, he graduated in Agronomic Engineering, and specialized in tropical and subtropical studies. He has been working as television journalist for 12 years, and ever since he can remember he’s been doing “work in progress” theatre… Passions cannot be explained! He has worked in cinema for Manoel de Oliveira with Catherine Deneuve, “a lifetime experience for life and for the entire life”. In Theatre, he has searched with Lucia Sigalho for the limits in “Sensurround”, for the others realities in “Realidade Real” and everything and nothing in “Procura-se”. He has done broadcasting, translating and subtitling. He has written about music and dance for the newspaper “Expresso” and authored several Chronicles for the magazines Cosmopolitan and Gingko. He likes challenges and, even knowing that “The perfection is the enemy of the good”, he doesn’t stop trying. “I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list” by Susan Sontag describes perfectly his DNA. In 2010, he was invited by A Tarumba - Teatro de Marionetas to attend the Workshop “The actor facing the object”, directed by Agnès Limbos and, since then, he has been working regularly with this company. He premiered in FIMFA Lx11 “Oh! Please!” and in 2012, this short form show.

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