Teatro de Marionetas do Porto [Portugal]

“Pelos Cabelos”

17 May at 4pm (Saturday) | 18 May 11.30am (Sunday)

Direction and scenography: Isabel Barros Texts: Edgard Fernandes, Isabel Barros, Rui Queiroz de Matos Puppets: Sandra Neves, from the illustrations by João Vaz de Carvalho Music and Animation: coletivo HUSMA (João Apolinário, Nuno Cortez e Pedro Cardoso) Lighting design: Alexandre Vieira Performers: Edgard Fernandes, Rui Queiroz de Matos Production: Sofia Carvalho Lighting and sound operation: Cláudia Valente Puppets construction: Sandra Neves (coordination), Nuno Guedes, Teresa Dantas, Rita Silva (internship) Scenography construction: Américo Castanheira, Tudo-Faço Acknowledgements: Ensemble, Escovaria de Belomonte Company sponsored by: Governo de Portugal | Secretário de Estado da Cultura - DGArtes Technique: Full-view manipulation For audiences over: +4 Running time: 40 min. Language: Portuguese


Teatro de Marionetas do Porto creates a show where the humour and the absurd are merged, with singular characters, inspired by João Vaz de Carvalho’s illustrations Pelos Cabelos. In Pelos Cabelos, actors and puppets inhabit a place located somewhere, a distant place almost extra land, where there are stories of hairs that are never cut and that don't stop growing, creating connections and many, many, many links.

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Teatro de Marionetas do Porto, one of the most well-known puppet companies in Portugal, presents in Lisbon one of its remarkable creations. Since their formation, in 1998, the company produced and presented more than 30 shows. All these productions represent extremely diverse experiences in the contemporary puppet theatre, looking to find new ways of conception and new ways of regarding the interpretation and the relationship with other areas of creation. The company also dedicates itself to the study and revival of old forms of traditional theatre, like Teatro Dom Roberto, which has been presented more than a thousand times.
Their founder and artistic director, João Paulo Seara Cardoso (1956-2010), studied theatre and puppet theatre, attended courses in the Institut National d’Éducation Populaire and Institut International de la Marionnette, in France. He worked with João Coimbra, Marcel Violette, Jim Henson and Lopez Barrantes. In 1982 he initiated the study and spreading of the Teatro Dom Roberto, Portuguese traditional puppets that had more than 1500 presentations. He published children’s books and was the author of television series for the young audiences.
The group splits its activity between the programming of the Teatro do Belomonte, in Oporto, and an intense activity, touring in Portugal and abroad. Presently, the TMP is engaged in a major project, the Museu de Marionetas do Porto, opened in 2013.

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