Plexus Polaire [France - Norway]

“Opéra Opaque”

10 and 11 May at 4pm (Saturday and Sunday)
Portuguese premiere

Direction: Yngvild Aspeli Puppeteers: Polina Borisova, Pierre Tual Sound design: Guro Skumsnes Moe Puppets: Yngvild Aspeli, Polina Borisova e Priscille Du Manoir Stage design: Gunhild Mathea Olaussen Costumes: Sylvia Denais Lighting design: David Farine Produced in co-operation with: Compagnie Philippe Genty (FR) Co-pruduction: Teater Innlandet (NO), La MCNN, Centre de Création et de Production (FR) Supported by: Direction des Affaires Culturelles - DRAC Bourgogne (FR), Norsk Kulturråd (NO), Hedmark Fylkeskommune (NO), (NO), Fond for Lyd og Bilde (NO), Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere (NO) In collaboration with: Turnéorganisasjon for Hedmark (NO) Diffusion: Sarah Favier Photos: Kristin Bengston Hagen Technique: Full-view manipulation and shadows For audiences over: +8 Running time: 45 min. Language: Without words


Welcome to Madame Silva’s fabulously strange and macabre cabaret! Witness spectacular acts of life and death, crazy humour and the grand finale where Madame Silva faces her own fear!

The story of her origin disappears into the nights of the world, and the many legends of her past are full of contradictory anecdotes. Some people talk of a strange, mythical place deep in Siberia, in a lost village where the streets are covered with cobblestones. Other mention her name in connection with an abandoned castle ruin in Brittany, whose existence can only be confirmed by a few obsolete documents. Ancient rumours claim that she came from the depths of the dark, Norwegian forests, and some suggest that she boasts a certain connection to the hereafter. There are even those who suggest that she came from the unspeakable continents on “the other side”. However, one thing is certain, despite all the different legends: she sends chills down our spines!

Oscillating between fantasy and humour, being deliciously dark and terribly creepy, with many dangerous numbers and plenty of monstrous creatures, Plexus Polaire will have you screaming and crying up the aisles right up until the final curtain!

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The Norwegian Yngvild Aspeli, the Russian Polina Borisova and Frenchman Pierre Tual graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts de la Marionnette Charleville-
Mézières (ESNAM). Yngvild Aspeli as an actress and puppeteer, and makes masks and puppets for different companies in France, Norway and England. In 2012, she began an artistic collaboration with Compagnie Philippe Genty, and currently is working with the Centre de Production de La Maison de la Culture de Nevers et de la Nièvre. The actress and puppeteer Polina Borisova collaborated in numerous shows, mixing clown and object theatre. In the last edition of FIMFA she presented her magnificent solo Go! Pierre Tual, director and puppeteer, has collaborated on various projects and develops his work around the meeting on stage of words and puppets, mainly from texts by contemporary authors.

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