Puppentheater Halle [Germany]


9 and 10 May at 9.30pm (Friday and Saturday)
Portuguese premiere

Direction: Moritz Sostmann Text: Thomas Mann Adaptation: John von Düffel Stage designs and costumes: Klemens Kühn Puppets: Hagen Tilp Dramaturgy: Maria V. Linke In cooperation of: Annegret Hahn Performers: Kerstin Daley-Baradel, Ines Heinrich-Frank, Katharina Kummer, Nils Dreschke, Philipp Pleßmann, Lars Frank Technicians: Henryk Drewniok, Daniel Schreiner Photos: Gert Kiermeyer Technique: Full-view manipulation - hyperrealistic puppets For audiences over: +16 Running time: 150 min., including break Language: German with Portuguese subtitles


A touch of madness, a dose of humour, six extraordinary actors, and fifteen disturbingly realistic puppets combine to bring a highly entertaining social fresco to life before our eyes, inspired in the Thomas Mann's great novel.

Demonstrated by the three siblings Thomas, Christian and Tony Buddenbrook there are three lifestyles fighting against each other, three tries to deal with an inherited legacy and a constantly changing world. They start the battle and each of them fails because of reality, their expectations and themselves as individuals. Thomas tries to come up to the responsibility of replacing his father and has to find out, that he is already too different from his father. Christian, the denier, who tries to escape from his family and traditions, loses his courage quickly. He isn’t really able to manage to create his life the way he wants. And also the formerly easygoing, fun-loving Tony fails after two unlucky marriages due to her own demands and turns to highbred affectation.

In nearly distressing clarity the questions of our contemporary existence are asked. What expectations do we have concerning our life? Is there a legacy we have to maintain? How do we handle that? Are we afraid of losing everything that previous generations fought for? Do we still feel equal to the globalised world? Do we have a chance to create our lives on our own at all, or are we just “links of a chain”, knowing that we only live following the legalities of fate?

An amazing show with an exceptional manipulation!

The Puppentheater Halle is one of the most respectable European companies and celebrates this year its 60th anniversary!

“Moritz Sostmann staged the material edited by John von Düffel as strict and respectful, but also as sensual as possible and with well distributed punchlines. The result is exciting theatre… amazing.”
- Andreas Montag, Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

“The verve with which the actors create different characteristics and personality developments through the puppets, nearly reminds of Stanislawinski (…).”
- Anke Meyer, Double

“With a dry sense of humour, reflective and with wonderful puppets made by Hagen Tilp – a joy having a long look into their faces. (…).”
- Alexandra Lutzenberger, Landsberger Tageblatt

“The puppets, which perform the downfall of the merchant family from the city Lübeck, seem astoundingly lively. The observer becomes witness to a perfect symbiosis between actor and puppet. An outstanding illusion.”
- Nürnberger Nachrichten

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BIO Puppentheater Halle

Halle’s puppet theatre was founded in 1954, and was restructured in 1995 by Christoph Werner, who at that time was its artistic director and who is now its managing director. The Puppentheater Halle’s work involves an unusual combination of drama and puppet theatre. Its adaptations of children’s books for audiences aged between 5 and 12 and its productions for adults in the evening programme bring home the relationship between the creators and their creatures to audiences of some 20 000 theatregoers each year. The Puppentheater Halle stages five productions each year, one or two of which are for the family programme and are coproductions with other theatres, e.g. the Wiener Festwochen, the Schauspiel Köln, the Staatsschauspiel Stuttgart and the Volksbühne Berlin. In 2002, a new two-stage performance venue opened on Halle’s Kulturinsel (cultural island). Since 2009, the Puppentheater Halle has been based in the building of the newly-founded Theater, Oper und Orchester GmbH Halle.

The ensemble stages guest performances around the world in countries including Canada and India as well as attending many festivals within Germany, such as the Berlin children’s and youth theatre meeting “Augenblick mal!” Its productions Kannst du pfeifen Johanna (Can You Whistle, Johanna) (1999) and Die Schöne und das Biest (Beauty and the Beast) (2002) won the TRAUMSPIELE festival award of North-Rhine/Westphalia and were broadcast on the German television station ZDF.

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