TJP – Centre Dramatique National d’Alsace Strasbourg [France]

“Actéon Miniature”

16 and 17 May at 9.30pm (Friday and Saturday)
Portuguese premiere

Direction: Renaud Herbin Performer: Carine Gualdaroni Puppets: Paulo Duarte Artistic collaboration: Julika Mayer, Christophe Le Blay Espace: Mathias Baudry Sound design: Morgan Daguenet Lighting design: Fabien Bossard Technicians: Pascal Mazeau, Louis Guerry Construction: Christian Rachner Stage director: Thomas Fehr Photographs: Benoit Linder Production: TJP – Centre Dramatique National d’Alsace Strasbourg Co-production: La Filature, Scène Nationale de Mulhouse. LàOù marionnette contemporaine, L’Arc, Scène Nationale du Creusot Supports: Institut Français Technique: Mix For audiences over: +12 Running time: 45 min. Language: Without words


Inspired by a Greek myth found in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Renaud Herbin’s new creation describes the story of an initiation. A young hunter about to reach adulthood confronts himself and explores his own transgressive desires. After a long day of hunting, Actéon wanders about the forest, gets lost and enters an area forbidden to men, unchaining an impossible encounter. There he happens to see what he is not permitted to see: he spies on Diana, the goddess of Nature, naked in her bath. Realistic puppets, light and sound effects all converse, echo, and replace one another, surrounding the artist on stage. They create a wealth of impressions and landscapes in which the goddess Diana can make her way to meet an actually quite vulnerable Actéon.
Actéon Miniature is a dazzling show, mixing puppet theatre, dance and a reflexion on images and matter.
This show is the new creation of Renaud Herbin, director of the TJP - Centre Dramatique National d’Alsace Strasbourg.

“There is a very precise writing work between action, sound and light. In my shows I like to leave space for the audience's imagination, so each one can tell their own story. This is what is most beautiful in the performing arts.”
- Renaud Herbin

“(…) A beautiful show with puppets inspired by Ovid's Metamorphoses (...). Subtle pace, precision and undeniable aesthetic requirements (...).
The animal materialized by puppeteer Paul Duarte, will walk away until disappears completely in a beautiful lighting effect (...) aesthetically is indisputable.
Actéon demonstrates complete mastery of aesthetics, this show also announces in Renaud Herbin, the promise of a herald of myth, also creator and programmer, who did not fail to surprise us pleasantly.”
- Angélique Lagarde, Kourandart


BIO | Renaud Herbin

Renaud Herbin graduated from the École Supérieure Nationale des Arts de la Marionnette de Charleville-Mézières (ESNAM) in 1999, and founded with Julika Mayer and Paulo Duarte the company LàOù - marionnette contemporaine. He directed and performed in the following shows Pygmalion miniature (2011), Lopin (2008), Mitoyen (2006), Vrai ! Je suis très nerveux (2003), Détails, Les grands poissons mangent les petits (2002), Petits Chaos (2000) and Un Rêve (1999). Between 2003 and 2008 he developed the projecto Centres Horizons with the filmaker Nicolas Lelièvre: shows and animated movies about urbanism in the cities of Rennes, Buenos Aires, Berlin Villa Médicis Hors-les-murs 2004). Through its own productions and numerous artistic collaborations (co-directions with Frédéric Fisbach, Robert Cantarella, Julie Bérès, Charlotte Nessi), mixing theatre, opera, contemporary dance and writing, developing a unique visual language, which places in the center the idea of manipulation, understood as something that connects artistic fields. In this sense, his creations include the presence of puppets, actors, dancers, sound and images in interaction on stage.
Since January 2012 Renaud is the Director of TJP - Dramatique Centre National d' Alsace Strasbourg.

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